Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summary/Summary Response:

After Learning what a summary and a summary response is, students are tasked with creating a summary and summary response based on the video "A Vision of Students Today."  By: Michael Wesch.


  1. Summary:

    Dr. Michael Wesch’s “A Vision of Students Today” illuminates the fact that students of college, high school, and middle school are not incorporating modern technology in class and are instead using it for personal reasons. Dr. Wesch uses multiple creative ideas by having students write on walls or create signs explaining multiple pieces of information to us. He also makes a good use of quotes as a topic sentence to get people interested in the topic and a thought-provoking closing to finish the video. He also demonstrated how college is not really helping students if they are not able to see the content on the board because of the size of the classroom. Dr. Wesch easily portrayed that he was not a supporter of technology in the United States because kids were not using it to the best of their ability, and how bad the United States is teaching its students.

    Summary Response:

    Doctor Michael Wesch’s “A Vision of Students Today” correctly depicts that technology is a harmful force to learning because students are not focusing on their homework. Yes, students can listen to music and work, but the music distracts them and they are not really putting any thought into the homework they are doing. If kids are able to use technology freely, what is stopping them from going to Facebook without the teacher knowing it? Dr. Wesch is completely right by saying that technology is hurting learning, but why can’t it monitor what kids are doing in the classroom all the time? There are programs out there that can be put on teacher and student computers so teachers can make sure students are doing work if they are connected to the internet. This way kids can stay on task and help improve the U.S’s world ranking in education.

  2. Make sure to post your S/R as a post rather than as a comment. You have good ideas, but make sure you are summarizing his points not providing opinion in your summary. Some of your sentences are opinion based. I am not sure you are accurately portraying Wesch's view, " he was not a supporter of technology in the United States because kids were not using it to the best of their ability" -where does he prove this? Or is he rather saying we need to rethink how we do education to better meet students needs.