Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PLN 3: Bully

Bully by Lee Hirsch


The documentary Bully by Lee Hirsch elucidates that bullying is not only hurting kids physically but mentally.  Alex Libby, middle schooler, is bullied so much that he described that he did not know what to feel anymore.  Kelby, a kid who turns out to be lesbian, was called extremely bad names and eventually could not take it anymore.  Kelby thought people would change over time, but they did not, so her parents decided to pull her out of school.  The film shows that overall, school kids who are seen as different are becoming more and more prone to bullying, and are being hurt not only physically but emotionally.

Summary Response:

    The documentary Bully by Lee Hirsch explains that bullying is horrible in today’s schools, that school officials are not helping at all, and that people do not care if a child dies from bullying.  To some people, school officials appear like they actually are trying to do something; however, if you look underneath, you can see that the school teachers, principals, and administrators are not actually helping.  In the movie, the assistant principal of Alex Libby’s middle school helped to solve a fight between a bully and his victim.  The  assistant principal did not punish the bully, but instead gave the victim a strict talking to because of not complying with her rules and insulting the bully.  This shows that the principal is not actually helping solve the problem but is instead making the situation worse by not punishing the bully.  This makes the perpetrator think he can continue bullying without consequence.  The principal also avoided the subject when Alex’s parents came in to talk with her, and they realized it.  Also Kirk Smalley, father of Ty Smalley who committed suicide due to bullying, said that his family were nobodies and people did not care if their child died.  He also said that if a politician's child died because of the same causes, there would be a law by tomorrow.  Hirsch’s view is correct that the school systems have to find a way to make a child’s day at school better because they do not want another death on their hands.

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  1. Good summary Grant. Make sure to focus on big ideas with examples to support. We are missing your big ideas

    With your response, where is the why to your topic sentence? Remember there are no personal words in your response or summary. Make sure to use the examples to connect to your topic sentence but also explain the "so what" piece of your response. What do you want people to do?