Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PLN 4: What Could you do with $20,000"

What Could you do with $20,000
Speech by: Blake Boles


In “What Could you do with $20,000”, Blake Boles proposes that college age students might not need to go to college to be successful.  He explains that people who want to become doctors, lawyers, and scientists need to go to college.  Anyone else should stop and think about what they can do with $20,000 dollars because if the students don’t, they might find themselves under employed with a bachelor’s degree that can’t be used.  Boles two main ideas throughout the speech is that students should start learning self-teaching to gain knowledge and that they can get jobs quicker if they prove themselves during internships.

Summary Response:

                In Blake Boles “What Could you do with $20,000” speech, he explicates to the world that ordinary people do not need to go to college because as more people get more college degrees, the degrees start to decrease in value.  How does getting a college degree make a person stand apart from all the other college graduates in the world?  Boles delves into the world of self-knowledge, a form of learning where one teaches themself instead of having to sit in a classroom to get the needed education.  This idea of self-edification is supported by Dr. Michael Wesch’s “A Vision of Students Today” opinion that students are not getting a good education if they are spending most of their time on social media or sitting at the back corner of 150-student class.  Boles explains that if a student takes a few thousand dollars, they could travel across the globe, visiting old and just developing countries to expand their knowledge outside the country they live in.  Boles gives another example that the money can be used to buy technology to expand computer knowledge.  In the end, he compares people who don’t go to college to Steve Jobs, a Harvard drop out, who later became a very successful entrepreneur and was extremely successful in life.  Boles’ argument is a very creative idea, and gets people thinking how to best spend the college savings.

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  1. Grant- good summary. Make sure to end with a clear concluding sentence.

    Where is your position in your response topic sentence? Great extension out in your learning by using the previous video. The only piece I notice is missing is a clear argument in your topic sentence.