Tuesday, December 3, 2013

PLN 8 Redo:


Ron Clark’s “What Teachers Really Want to tell Parents” describes how teachers are feeling threatened as parents’ protectiveness of their kids grow.  Clark states a starling fact that the average educator teaches only 4.5 years, and many of them say that dealing with parents is one reason they quit.  As a teacher himself, Clark lists ten things teachers want parents to know.  The list includes: teachers are educators, not nannies, trust the teachers, and stop making excuses for the child so they can learn to be successful.  The next set of things He also wants the parents to help the teacher instead of prosecuting them, do not complain about bad grades because the teachers that give low grades often are the better teachers, teachers and staff are living of fear of what the parents could do to them, and teachers want the parents to deal with negative situations in a professional manner. Clark is trying to raise parental awareness about teachers becoming more threatened due to parents’ protectiveness and Clark wants parents to change their behavior.

Summary Response:

Ron Clark’s “What Teachers Really Want to tell Parents” explains that parents are becoming too over protective of their child and teachers are feeling threatened by the parents, which is extremely bad because it affects kids’ education.  In the article, Clark gives an example of a child that was cheating on a test, and the parents claimed the teacher was labeling the child as a criminal.  Clark writes “…principals all across the country are telling me that more and more lawyers are accompanying parents for school meetings dealing with their children.”  This shows that parents are looking for better grades but when a child is accused of getting a bad grade in a class, they blame the teacher even if the grade was appropriate.  Another example Clark cited was when a teacher tried to help get a red mark off the side of a student’s face, but it was still there when he got home.  The parents called the media, and the teacher lost her job for something so trivial.  Just think, if a teacher could get his or her life ruined from something so trivial, then could they be fired for any reason?  Clark is also a teacher and suggests parents are immature, and tells them to deal with this in a professional manner and not just jump to conclusions.  Teachers are being threatened so much due to parents over protectiveness of their child that mean good teachers are quitting.  This trend threatens the quality of education.  As time goes on, teachers are becoming more and more threatened by parents due to parents’ over protectiveness.

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